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  • Posted by Kingsman , on 21/05/2016, @ 05:12pm


    Steam running on the PS4 (Video)

    Source: Wololo

    This video went majorly unnoticed when it was initially published a month ago, but /talk member OsirisX pointed out earlier today that he has been able to run Steam on the PS4, with games running at reasonable framerates.

    This is not SteamOS on PS4 yet, but it’s still Steam and its games running on your console.
    In the video, OsirisX showcases game Bastion, running from Steam on the PS4, at a playable framerate (OsirisX states most games run fine with mid to low graphic settings).

    This all works through a build of ARCH Linux. OsirisX gave the precision that he compiled and installed the 3D Drivers provided by Fail0verflow as part of their Linux PS4 project. (these drivers’ patches can be found here).

    As for everything “Linux PS4” so far, in order to run this you’ll need to have a 1.76 PS4 for now, running a PS4 Jailbreak. Recent news indicate that the joy of Linux and hacks might come to PS4 3.50 in the near future, but nothing’s guaranteed at this point unless you have a 1.76 PS4.


    This statement from OSirisX comes in the context of many PS4 users trying to get Ubuntu to run with hardware acceleration on the PS4. Running Linux on the PS4 has been a possibility for some time now, but there’s no “all in one” user friendly distrib yet that lets one run hardware acceleration or Steam. This might change soon. Follow the thread for details.


    Source: YouTube & Wololo

  • Posted by Kingsman , on 26/04/2016, @ 04:58am


    Proof Of Concept: PS4 Menu Mod by Senaxx

    Article Source: HackInformer
    Lately, there has been some PS4 screenshots floating around the web that show the home menu being changed. eXtreme has shared a screenshot of the PS4 Menu Mod by Senaxx, and I for one am super geeked about this.


    For those of you that don’t know Senaxx, he has been working with the PS4 and has been using Ubuntu Linux on 1.76fw, and has found a way to make the first menu mod.


    Here is another picture courtesy of fx0day.


    Senaxx found the database file and was able to edit it, kind of like the way we all could with the PSVita/PSTV and the email hack back in Fw3.52.


    Now this only works on a PS4 running 1.76 FW but still an awesome stuff if you ask me and I want to thanks Senaxx for sharing this find and tutorial which you can find it here.

    Thanks for reading and as always I keep doing it for the love of the game.
    Source 2 - playstationhax.it

  • Posted by pustal , on 03/03/2016, @ 12:53am


    Seems like the exploit was leaked yesterday. Allegedly works from 1.76 up to 2.01, giving full machine access. To be tested.


    Source - Original w/download (image)

  • Posted by Kingsman , on 20/11/2015, @ 07:13am


    "A Redditor has gotten his hands on some information revealing that the PS2 titles that come with the bundle have actually been emulated natively on the PlayStation 4 with trophy support.
    He was able to locate Star Wars Bounty Hunter trophies on his PSN ID emulated on PS4. Here’s a very detailed account of all the evidence that the guy in question was able to siphon out of the whole situation." - Sarmad Lillah

    Below is the quoted Reddit post made by the user 'Krvavi_Abadas':
    So, a bit of backstory. You have may have remembered that a while back, Sony revealed that the Star Wars PS4 bundles would include, alongside Battlefront. 4 classic Star Wars games, 1 SNES {Which we'll get onto later} and, more importantly, 3 PS2 games.

    So, they came out today. Albeit exclusive to the bundle. While i don't own the bundle, i was able to find a Twitch streamer {This dude: http://twitch.tv/adrian595juan So go and thank him for this discovery. his PSN ID is the same as his Twitch ID. So you can also check that if you want proof he was actually playing it.} streaming it.So... What i did learn from him?

    The game still shows the PS2 Controller in the options menu! {Sorry for the bad quality.}I highly doubt Sony would approve of a port so lazy, that it still shows the PS2 controller in menus. So most likely, it's running on a PS2 emulator. A PS2 emulator that just so happens to have been heavily rumored since launch.

    With evidence like...
    So how does Super Star Wars tie into this? Well, It's the only game in the classic Bundle that was properly released on the PSN store this week.Which leads me to believe that Sony is deliberately delaying the rest, to be released when they properly reveal PS2 classic support.

    TL;DR: The PS2 Star Wars games in the PS4 bundle appear to be running on the heavily rumored PS2 classics emulator, and their release outside the bundle has been suspiciously delayed.Edit: Since the thread just reached NeoGAF, i suppose i should take some time to answer a few questions from there.

    "Wait, do they actually run at a higher resolution? I'll definitely pick up Bounty Hunter if they've put some work into it."

    Seems like it, while they didn't change the aspect ratio on any of these (So no added Widescreen) There's a screenshot that got leaked on Twitter several hours before i found the stream: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CT4wDZ8VAAAR9-b.png:orig Which looks like it's rendering at a higher resolution than the original. Doesn't seem there's any anti-aliasing, though. Though that might just be Twitter compression screwing up the image. Here's that dude's twitter profile: https://twitter.com/ExtremeGamer/status/666022632429498369

    "I didn't think it was nice to copy and paste the users whole post, I'll just add yours to the op"

    No dude, i don't really care. The other dude's post seems like a better explanation. though.

    "It just proves that they have a working emulator and that the game is an exact disc iso. The games I assume are wrapped in an emulator similar to the Arcade Archives. Having trophies shows that they are able to watch memory addresses just like the Arcade Archives."

    Really though? You think they'd just make a PS2 emulator for those 3 titles and absolutely nothing else? I highly doubt Sony would just leave it dormant. Especially considering the PEGI ratings for other PS2 titles on PS4.

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 30/06/2015, @ 09:28am


    Sony made a HUGE bet with PS Now, streaming is the future so it seems. Is probably true that bring back to life that backward compatibility could a pain in the arse, but there's no logical excuse other to force the consumer to get their services and forget and probably bury that nostalgic *what if..we can run PS3 games discs with a Next-gen console*.

    Sony isn't interested in directly offering backward compatibility so PlayStation 4 gamers can play their PlayStation 3 titles on the new generation console. However, Sony wants gamers to check out the PlayStation Now streaming subscription service that provides access to hundreds of PS3 games.

    There are some PS4 gamers and media members that think Sony should investigate rolling out a backward compatibility feature for the PS4 - just to make gamers happy. Sony has worked hard to create a good gaming ecosystem, trying to keep sometimes fickle fans happy.

    If it doesn't offer backward compatibility, Sony runs the risk of leaving gamers disappointed, though with other methods to play PS3 titles - for free or paid rental - I think the Japanese electronics company has done enough already.

    Sony initially seemed skeptical of Microsoft's announcement regarding the Xbox One's backward compatibility, doubting whether it's possible - and that it would involve "lots of engineering effort."

    Regardless of what PlayStation gamers want, it seems unlikely that Sony will try to follow in Microsoft's footsteps anytime soon.


  • Posted by pustal , on 15/05/2015, @ 02:56pm



    According to UOL Jogos, Raspberry Pi has been used by local salesmen to flash a PS4 image with 10 games, for between R$ 300 to R$ 400 (about $100 to $150 or €88 to €132) .

    The process has been tried to be replicated, and are alledged cases of success, but should brick on 2.51 OFW:
    Cfwprophet’s explanation seems to confirm the technique. He however says that attempting this on the latest PS4 firmware (2.51) will brick your console:
    1. Buy a PSN Game on Master Console and download it
    2. Connect Slave Console to PSN, create Account from Master Console, activate Slave Console and download the game
    3. Dump the NOR Flash of Slave Console with Tools like Teensy++ or the Pi (let us call that dump from now on ActivatedDMP)
    4. Boot Slave Console, Connect to PSN and Deactivate the Console
    5. Write the ActivatedDMP back to the NOR of Slave Console
    6. Profit, the Process can now be repeated on any other PS4 without reaching the “three consoles max” official PSN Game Share limit.

    Sony has already sent a cease and desist letter.

    Source 1, source 2 (image)

    Edit: seems like the process isn't new ( http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps4/JAISPI ).

  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 07/03/2015, @ 05:03am


    UPDATE The update is named as ”Yukimura”

    PS4 FW 2.50 details ha... [Read More]

  • Posted by Sidewinder_2011 , on 21/02/2015, @ 02:27pm



    A 16 year old school boy was watching a reality show called Judge Rinder via the itv player on the ps4.
    He was round a friends house at the time, when a offensive error message interrupted his show with "Sorry, the programme could not be found. Please f*** yourself.".

    ITV has had a investigation and denied it was a employee and claimed it was hackers

    Quote from The Mirror,
    "David, from Barry, Wales said: "I was so shocked.

    "I was at my friend's house and he has five young brothers and sisters living there ranging from one to five years-old. They could have seen it and copied it.

    "I called ITV about it, and they said something must have gone wrong online and I shouldn't use the app on my Playstation and to stick to it on the computer instead.

    "But I've been using my Playstation to watch TV for years, it just seems like a bad excuse.""


  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 17/02/2015, @ 09:53am


    Sony has just released system update 2.04 for PS4. The changelog and the download links will be adde... [Read More]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 28/01/2015, @ 07:45pm


    Now this is an interesting rumor that is coming around. The Lizard squad is claiming that they have ... [Read More]

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